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Introducing the new chat support

We created Duedot in order to offer enterprises an easy and immediate tool to communicate with their clients, so why can’t we use the same tool to communicate with our users?

Customer service is undoubtedly a fundamental part of our development process. Each feedback and suggestion allows us to improve not only the usability of the product but also to meet common needs that we had not yet considered.
There are lots of tools that can optimize customer support, like knowledge bases, community forums, and AI-powered Answer Bots, but it can be difficult to know exactly what content customers are looking for. It takes time, and lots of feedback, to create a help guide that can meet all of your customers’ needs—especially when it needs constant updates for new products, services, and features.

That’s why a direct relationship with clients remains the most effective way to understand their needs and for this reason we have integrated into Duedot a tool dedicated to customer support: chat support.

From today in the Team Chat section you will find a new chat for direct assistance with our customer support, Sarah. You can use this channel to contact her and chat in real time with her, ask for information, express doubts and suggestions.

P.S. Sarah is not a bot, but a real member of the team at Duedot. So, she may not be very reactive during night time!

If you need help, visit our Help center or send us an email at

And remember to give us your feedback, so that we can improve existing and future features!