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Get started on Duedot in 3 easy steps!

We’re super excited to announce the release of the first version of Duedot today!
It is just a little taste of the official platform that will be released very soon, but it’s also a way to introduce this new product to you, especially if you are new to Quokky.
We are looking forward to receive your precious feedback and suggestions and discover if this new experience reflects your expectations. So, register your workspace, invite your team and start collaborating with your clients!
Just do these three steps, and you’re good to go!

1- Create a workspace

First thing, visit Duedot homepage and click on the sign up button in the top right.
Just few steps to sign up:

  • Enter your email address and the 8-digit verification code received via email.
  • Set up your profile entering your full name and choosing a password.
  • Choose a name for your workspace, for example your company name.
  • Choose your workspace URL and remember that once you’ve confirmed it, you won’t be able to change it.

Now you can start exploring your workspace and inviting your colleagues to join you! From the settings panel, access “Workspace team” section and enter your colleagues’ email addresses. By accepting the invitation, they will be able to join your workspace and collaborate on dossiers.

Sign up

2- Open a dossier

Now that you’ve got your workspace and your team in it, you just have to create your first dossier! It is about a container of documents and information that can be private or shared with team members and clients.
To open a new dossier:

  • Click the dossier icon in the bottom left and then click + on the top to open the dossier creation form.
  • Choose the typology (only generic and generic with holder in the beta version) and fill the requested information.
  • Choose whether you want the dossier to be shared with all the members of your team or with few members added later as participants.
  • Save and start working on your new dossier!

The dossier appears divided in 3 sections: a chat, where you can exchange information and documents, files list and a section with all the dossier details.

3- Share the dossier

Now you just have to share the dossier!

By default dossiers are automatically shared with all your workspace team and, if invited via email, also with external participants. One of the reasons why Duedot is so special, is that external participants don’t need to sign up or install any application to view the dossiers and interact with the company. They receive a link via email that can be opened in any web browser, on any device.

Private dossiers, instead, can be shared by invitation only. This means that both, team members and external participants, need to be added as dossier participants in order to view the dossier and interact via chat. To add participants to the dossier, simply enter their email address in the dedicated section.

Now that you’ve done steps 1 through 3, you’re ready to get going on other features, such as team chat, an area where team members can share documents and information privately.

If you need help, visit our Help center or send us an email at

And remember to give us your feedback, so that we can improve existing and future features!