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How you can use Duedot


Connect your whole organization with familiar tools, helping everyone in your business turn ideas into action.


Duedot helps provide a more pleasant experience thanks to a simple tool that requires no registration.


With machine learning, now you can have an expert that grows and scales with your internal knowledge.


Duedot creates secure links to dossiers, making it easy to share files with everyone from a web browser.

How it works

dossier opening duedot

Dossier opening

When a company needs to open a dossier, for a contract, a tax return application or for whatever business, it can use Duedot or its management software, if connected to the platform. In this case, the dossier will be automatically created in Duedot too.


In Duedot, company can add clients as participant of the dossier in order to allow them to upload requested documents and communicate easily via dedicated chat. In this way, all communications and documents will be already digitized and organized in the right place.


Clients who were added to a dossier, receive a link via mail. Following this link, they can open the dossier in their favorite web browser and interact via chat with the company and upload requested documents, with no need to register or install the App.

Key benefits

All in one place

Instead of calling or sending you tons of emails, clients can send you requests and informations via chat and upload documents directly in the dossiers, so that you don’t need to move files, scan and archive them manually in the correct folder.

Empowers mobile users

Duedot is where you work – whether on the web, on your computer, or on the go! Duedot lets mobile users share any-sized files, anywhere, on any device. Conversations and files are synced across all your devices in real time, so you never miss a thing.

Integrates your management software

Duedot integrates your management software and is designed around your workflow. It seamlessly fit your already existing softwares and allows you to track individual dossier processes without being scattered among several tools.