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Duedot Redefines Dossier Collaboration

Each type of business handles different kind of dossiers, consisting of numerous documents and information, both in digital and paper format. Current collaborative solutions, however, force users to use many tools (email, chat, shared folders); all this involves an interruption of the workflow necessary to complete a practice in a simple and orderly way.

Over the last two years, we worked closely with a huge network of accounting firms to solve these far-too-common frustrations, finding a solution for any kind of business. So, we have decided to create a new product for business, Duedot – a dossier collaboration platform for companies and their clients.


Duedot redraws the lines of collaborative tools

We’ve brought together file sync, instant messaging and collaboration features into one powerful product, allowing businesses to collaborate directly with their clients on dossiers and automate everyday business operations with machine learning.

Duedot is more than a simple file management software, dossier sharing and direct collaboration with clients make it a complete tool for any kind of business:

  • Customized dossiers for your specific needs;
  • Sharing via chat with internal and external users;
  • Data extraction and documents’ automatic categorization with machine learning;
  • Advanced search and filters in order to find information quickly;
  • Contact list with summary of all the clients’ dossiers, boh active and archived.

Best of all, Duedot removes all the friction of communication between businesses and clients because it doesn’t request any application or installation to external users. Clients can view the entire dossier, upload files and interact via chat opening a link in their favorite browser.

Duedot will be released in early 2018 and we look forward to receive your feedback, comments and requests in order to improve it and get ready for the official release.

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