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Tips to communicate more effectively with your clients

Quokky’s experience has taught us how an easy and commonly used tool like a chat can transform endless email chains, phone calls, faxes and postal mail into a direct and immediate contact between companies and clients. Therefore, with Duedot we wanted to improve this experience giving the client the freedom to choose whether or not to register to the umpteenth application.

When companies share a dossier, clients receive an email with the link to access it in their favorite browser. In this way they can interact via chat and import documents required for completing the practice.

Registration requirement is not the only barrier to break down in order to improve the workflow… Another aspect that has not to be underestimated, for example, is the impact that dossier sharing communications have on clients.
Every day, we receive numerous newsletters and our email boxes are filled with spam, so that we don’t pay close attention to the emails we delete without even opening. Therefore, it’s important to easily recognize the sender in order to avoid deleting important emails or opening malicious links.
For this reason, our latest update improves email customization by modifying sender’s name and the logo contained in the email.

From now on, company logo will also be visible on the workspace login page, in order to make the platform even more branded.

But there are more surprises in store for you!
Did you share a dossier with your client but you are not sure if he opened it? Nowadays we are used to receiving a feedback when someone read our messages in all the major instant messaging apps, and when it comes to business practices, we feel even more the need for the “blue double-check”.
For this reason we thought to anticipate this feature at the first major update and from today you can know if external participants have opened the dossier.
How? A system notification in chat alerts participants that the external user has changed status from invited to participant.

When the company adds a client as external participant, a system message appears in the chat to notify that a new external participant has been invited. Then, when the client receives the invitation via email and clicks on the link, a new system message will appear in the chat.
In this way the company, even if the client has not yet interacted via chat, can know if the messages and the files sent have been received.

Last feature, but not least, is the documents forwarding.
Now you can forward a document to another dossier or a team chat.
This feature is extremely useful in case of practices that require recurring documents such as ID card. With a simple forwarding it is possible to copy the document in another dossier without importing it again from your computer or performing a new scan.

If you need help, visit our Help center or send us an email at

And remember to give us your feedback, so that we can improve existing and future features!