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Dossiers bring order to conversations and documents

You work on a lot of different projects at once, and it’s not easy to keep track of all activities, especially when lots of other people are involved. Creating a new dossier in your Duedot workspace is the first step in bringing order to the chaos.

Dossiers let you organize conversations and documents in the ways that make the most sense for your team and your archive. Create dossiers for every practice, project, or by subject matter, so everyone has a space to discuss their work and share it directly with clients.

Dossiers help you focus on your work

Public dossiers are transparent to everyone within a Duedot workspace, everyone can access them with no need to be added as participant.

It you want to focus more and stay on task, it is possible to create “on invite” dossiers. In this way you don’t have to keep track of absolutely everything going on around you, but only on dossiers assigned to you.
Invite your workspace teammates to a dossier, so they can read the full history by scrolling up. It beats the old days where new team members started with an empty inbox and slowly caught up as messages arrived with new information.

… and keep your clients up to date

With Duedot you can share dossiers also with your clients. They don’t need to sign up or install any application in order to access the dossier and interact via chat. They receive via email a link that they can easily open in any web browser on any device.

Then, if they participate to many dossiers, also of different companies, they can sign up to Inbox to access all their dossiers once in a single place. After the practice/project is complete, all that documents and associated discussions stick around in those dossiers and can be referenced at any time.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact Sarah, our customer support, writing an email at or via chat directly in the Team chat section of your workspace!