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Stop chasing your clients

Share your workspace and collaborate on dossiers.

Use cases


Digitizing dossiers

Duedot brings together full-featured file sync and share capabilities with messaging so you can communicate faster with your clients.

Your files and the discussion about those files are all in one place, eliminating lost files and switching between products to get work done.

Work Smarter, Work Together

Get quick answers to your questions, and have productive, spontaneous conversations via chat with your team and your clients.

Collaboration is not just a team matter.
Work on dossiers with whoever you want, no account or installation needed.

Powered by machine learning

Duedot leverages machine learning technology to create a more relevant and personalized experience, through automatic categorization and data extraction.

The more you use Duedot, the smarter it gets.

Duedot. Machine learning

The good kind of passing the buck

Why co-working with your clients can increase your performance.

All in one place

All documents are automatically collected in only one organized place, accessible everywhere.


Receive documents directly in digital format, no need to waste time scanning tons of paper.

Integrated chat

Spend less time crafting the perfect message thanks to a direct and fast communication via chat.

Activity tracking

Dossier history ensures you’re not repeating work that’s already been done and keeps clients updated.

Coming soon!

Get a preview of Duedot by signing up now to the beta version.

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