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Duedot application will be shut down on 31/1/2019.

Therefore, in case you wish to keep a copy of your documents, we invite you to log into the application using your credentials by the 31st of January 2019 and download your documents.

Thank you for using our services.


We inform you that due to imminent closing of our service Duedot from Quokky Srl, all personal data, information, documents archived and managed on the Server of Duedot and in any mode processed by Quokky Srl in order to proceed with our services will be eliminated definitively on the 31st of January 2019, in dereference of the principles reg. to art. 5 comma 1 lett. E and art. 17 of Reg. 679/16 “General Data Protection Regulation”, to protect the right of a confidentiality and protection of the data and information provided by current regulations.

Also we inform you that you have the rights of portability of the personal data on the basis of the art. 20 of Reg. 679/16, before their elimination, which you can do by accessing the Service with your credentials and by downloading/copying all files and documents saved by using the Service. Quokky Srl kindly asks you to proceed with the data saving process because after the imminent elimination of the data we won’t be able to recover it in any way and the data will be irretrievably lost.

Discover some use cases

All in one place

All your communications and reference files in only one place, so you won’t go crazy finding an attachment or an old message in your email inbox and IM Apps.

Team chat

A section dedicated to the workspace team for all communications not related to a specific dossier.

Dossiers list

List of all dossiers/projects of the workspace, both active and archived.

Dossier documents

File archive of the dossier, shared by both the workspace team and external participants.


List of team members and external participants added to the dossier.

Internal files and messages

Visible only to team members, not to external participants.

Your business chat

Send and receive files of any format and size and communicate with your clients quickly via chat without being constantly disturbed on the phone or lose the thread of speech in various email chains. 

Direct dialogue

Spend less time crafting the perfect message thanks to a direct and fast communication via chat.

Documents exchange

Receive documents directly in digital format, no need to waste time scanning tons of paper.


Collaborate with your team

Work in a multi-user environment with your staff and contractors. Manage the assignment and check the dossiers status quickly and easily. 

Stay connected wherever and whenever you need from any device.

Why Duedot?


  • Disordered and confused conversations history;
  • No document archive;
  • Difficulty in finding information and attachments;
  • Slow communication and lack of immediate feedback.


  • No interaction with company systems;
  • No document archive;
  • Unprofessional communication;
  • Confusion between private and professional life.

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